The two old salts are Gooden Grant and Minot Conary.  They are shown on the dock at Head Harbor getting traps ready to set.  The home of summer resident Evan Woolen and, on the right, the former home of Virgil Gross can be seen.

Minot moved to the island from Sunshine in 1955 and worked as sternman for Gooden, who fished out of Head Harbor with his brother Ulysses.   Head Harbor and Moore’s Harbor were full of boats back then.  Now Moore’s Harbor is all summer homes, and you can practically count the number of island boats on one hand.  Minot later left lobstering and seined for herring.  Eventually he moved back to Sunshine. Gooden died in 1975 at age 99.

Information provided by Virginia MacDonald

Catalog Number LB2010.9.117645