Several stores were located at the corner of Salt Pond Road and Cushing Road, known as Daggett Corners.  The first one, established in 1878, was run by Capt.  Josiah Daggett.  Capt. Daggett had a shed with a store underneath it.   He collected the mail from the post office in town and went up through East Friendship to Fales’ Store and then on to Thomaston once a week.  The people in East Friendship only got their mail once a week during that time.

The store and post office in the photo were sold to John M. Kennedy and his wife, who ran it for eight years.  The Kennedys then sold it to Everett J. Cook, who ran it until 1916 when the post office was discontinued.   The houses are still there.

Lydia Simmons

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