Since the Penobscot River often froze in winter and prevented ships from getting to and from Bangor to pick up and deliver products, the railroads sought a port that could be accessed in the winter. In 1904 the Bangor & Aroostook railroad purchased the rights to build a rail line from La Grange to Searsport. Work began on January 30th of 1904 and on April 19th of that year, the first locomotive to be seen in Stockton Springs was unloaded off the deck of the steamer RELIANCE. Three long piers were constructed at Cape Jellison with lengths of 1600’, 1500’ and 1100’. An artesian well was drilled to supply the rail engines with fresh water. In 1905 the Northern Maine Seaport Railroad opened for passengers and retail business. The primary products that were shipped out were potatoes grown in Aroostook County and lumber sawn in Bangor. The Cape Jellison docks burned in a fire of unknown origin on November 8, 1924. Today at this sight is Stockton Harbor and Marina, and condominiums line the shore.

Help from: Basil Staples, Stockton Springs Historical Society

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