This location was also known as Smith’s Mills and Meservey’s Mills, among other names, depending upon the owner at the time. In the right foreground is the long lumber mill, fed by a penstock from the dam visible at its left. At the other side of the dam, farther left, is the stave mill. The old St. George’s River Canal cut between the stave mill and the large white building, recognizable as the General Store and post office from the photo above. Its barns and outbuildings stretch from the store toward the right. Above those barns, just left of centre, is “Sunnyside,” home of Bernard Pitman, Appleton’s onetime Poet Laureate. That house, still standing, is now the home of “Ted” Crosby Johnson and his wife, Anne. To the left of their house, in the trees, is the Union Church, no longer standing.

Donovan Bowley
Appleton Historical Society

Catalog Number LB2007.1.101799