This image shows the colonial mansion of Sidney M. Webber, which was formerly owned by Captain Phineas Pendleton, after it was severely damaged during the Searsport “Sunday Cyclone,” May 22, 1921. The force of the storm moved the home eight feet on its foundation, and the interior was ruined by the shifting of the walls. Many other Searsport structures were devastated by the cyclone as it moved in a sweeping arc from the northwest. The L.C. Havener, formerly Phineas Pendleton Jr., home and L.M. Sargent home located across the main road from the Webber house were next in its path, followed by the Lewis Rich home on Steamboat Ave. The stables of Mrs. F.S. Dyer, Willard Rich and Hiram Russell were all flattened. On Main Street, the roof was completely blown off the Sargent Block. As the storm moved out to sea it did extensive damage to the docks at Mack’s Point which was estimated to run into the thousands of dollars, a substantial amount of money at that time. Amazingly, there were no fatalities and only a few serious injuries during the cyclone. The Webber house still stands on Rt. 1 and is the office of a local chiropractor.

Contributed by: Ray Seamans, Searsport Historian

Catalog Number LB2007.1.110108