Originally built in 1831, the Searsport House was one of the best hotels to be found outside the larger cities, according to the Industrial Journal, December, 1909. The original building was occupied as a private dwelling until 1835, when it was converted into a hotel. By 1873 the structure had been raised, another story placed under it, and a large commodious stable and carriage house added. It burned in 1892 and was rebuilt in 1894 with 30 guest rooms, enjoying good patronage from the traveling public. In the summer months it was a favorite resort with tourists and summer boarders. Among the advantages offered were an artesian well and the “best of summer attractions” including boating, bathing, fishing, driving, salt water baths and a fine dining room. It fell into disrepair and was razed in 1943.

Help from: Don Garrold, Searsport Historian
Valerie Murphy, Searsport Historical Society

Catalog Number LB2007.1.111187