This view is of Washington Village looking east. William Starrett’s Mill would have been located just out of sight on the left. The first building on the right housed the law office of L.M. Staples on the second floor, with a millinery shop on the first floor. It is interesting to note there were wooden sidewalks and telephone poles.

Benjamin K. Ware came to Washington as an agent for the New England Telephone and Telegraph Company. Lines were installed, and on May 1, 1905 the people of Washington could speak to each other by telephone. The switchboard was installed in the Ware home, and Alice Ware became the first operator.

Beyond the law office are four private dwellings. The first, out of view behind the law office, is Ben Lincoln’s home. The owner of the second is unknown. The next house, the barn roof of which is visible, is known as the Hiram Bliss home. The fourth house on the hill is the Ryder home. The Light Hotel stood on the left, behind the first tree. The hotel burned on January 21, 1913. The last building on the left is the store shown in photo #102860.

Cheryl Swift
Washington Historical Society

Catalog Number LB2007.1.111040