The Firs was a quiet vacation destination that opened in 1901 on 60 acres on Sylvester Cove Road in Sunset on Deer Isle. It could accommodate 100 guests in a renovated farmhouse, cottages, and tents. Its brochure described it as a place of “conservative appeal to summer vacationists of the best sort” where “fascinating paths ramble along the rugged shore or through the balsam woods and open spaces, where wildflowers grow in abundance.” A scenic path also led to the Sunset post office, where guests could mail postcards.

The Firs also had a camp for boys where tutoring was provided. The tents in the photo may have housed Camp Penobscot campers, or they may have been the rustic lodging choice of guests at the Firs.

Like many summer lodging facilities, business at The Firs dropped during the Depression. The owner applied for a tax abatement, which the Town of Deer Isle denied. He then removed the roof of the main building, which allowed the property to be taken off the tax rolls. It was torn down in the 1940s.

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