The Kingdom is one of the early settlements in Montville and was once pronounced Muskingum. The Kingdom was once the center of activity that had a series of mills, a hatter shop, a tannery, school and stores. This image shows a mill that was once the site of Smith Cram’s saw mill built in 1798. In 1910 Carney Shure purchased the mill, sawing long lumber, staves, shingles and barrel heads. In 1927 the mill burned due to spontaneous combustion. Through the years, with the departure of industry and the spring freshets that swept away the small dams and wood debris, little was left in the Kingdom. However, in the 1940s Marjorie Sewell and her husband moved to the Kingdom, to the little camp to the right of the mill. It was in this camp that Anthony Maresh, a young Russian sailor, and his Montville bride, Gladys Hannan, lived while working in the Shure Brothers Mill. This area became the first location of the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts. Today the Kingdom is home to Waterfall Arts, Arts Center at Kingdom Falls.

Contributed By: Debi Stephens, Montville Historical Society

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