Thomas Buttersworth Sr. c.1815. The War of 1812 was over when the British captured the frigate USS PRESIDENT. But no one knew a peace treaty had been signed. PRESIDENT was a sister of the USS CONSTELLATION, preserved today in Boston. Blockaded in New York, she ran aground when trying to break out off Sandy Hook in a snowstorm. Commodore Stephen Decatur got off but was caught by a British squadron, of 4 vessels led by the 56 gun HMS MAJESTIC. She fought off the fast 40 gun frigate ENDYMION but was heavily damaged, so much so that when she was then caught by two smaller 38 gun frigates, POMONE and TENEDOS who took the PRESIDENT after only two broadsides from POMONE. British artists and songwriters delighted. “Now let Commodore Decatur and all his Yankee crew Write home to cowardly Madison what British Tars can do, Whilst our trophies we’ll bring home unto the British shore, And cans of grog we’ll pledge, my boys, now tempests cease to roar.”

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