This photo of N.D. Ross’ store in Lincolnville Center depicts a small town on the brink of change. The car, probably a 1910-1912 Ford, is parked next to a granite hitching post. Next to and behind the car a white horse, harnessed to some sort of wagon or cart, stands patiently waiting for its owner to come out. Next to the store is the California House, a landmark in the Center since the 1840s when it was built. Both it and the store are still standing on Main Street (Routes 173 and 52). The third building, appearing next to the California House, was actually on Belfast Road (Route 52) and used as a community building, for Sunday school and other functions. It is no longer standing.
Other details in the photo include the wagon wheel tracks in the dirt road, the board sidewalk at the left and in front of the store, and the utility lines leading to the store. Since electricity didn’t come to the Center until much later, after N.D. Ross was gone and his store became Scott Knight’s Store, these must be telephone lines. The Lincolnville Telephone Company was founded, just around the corner from the California House, in 1904. It still exists today.

Contributed by: Diane O’Brien, Lincolnville Historical Society

Catalog Number LB2007.1.107738