The large home in this c. 1910 photo was built by Freeman Willis “Will” Beal and his wife Elizabeth Maria “Lizzie” (Alley) Beal in the mid 1880s. They were married on December 1, 1884. “Will” was the fifth child of Barnabas Coffin “Tall Barney” Beal and Phebe Ann (Stanwood) Beal. He was born on February 9, 1866 and died on March 22, 1932. He started a lobster buying business on the end of Perio’s Point to the left of the scene in the photo. “Lizzie” was the first of three children of Eldad Heath Alley, Jr. and Lucy Whitney (Kelley) Alley. She was born on March 15, 1867 and died on May 3, 1937.

The building with the belfry to the right is the Beals School, shown before its addition. The square ended boat is a scow or punt, a work boat used around docks, floats, and weirs. The dark colored dory would have been used for fishing and transport. A large lobster pound now occupies the area where the boats are. The barn next to the Beal house was moved to the other side of its original location and converted to a private home. The house had had several owners since the Beals.

Contributed by: Donald C. Woodward, President of Jonesport Historical Society, and students in the Beals Elementary School

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