The water tower was located on Harbor Road just about where Cottage Road is now.  It was built in 1925 by Elmer E. Jameson and supplied water to the town. Marguerite Sylvester, who lived  next to it, remembered it well.  She was listening to the radio and knew it was D-Day when all of a sudden there was an explosion.  She thought she had been bombed.  The water tower had let go,  and wood and metal flew in every direction.  Thirty-five thousand gallons of water poured into the house, filled the cellar, and then ran out into the street.  It continued to flow down the street and eventually ended at the bottom of Cook’s Hill.

Peg Jameson Simmons, granddaughter of Elmer E., says there were plenty of swimming rafts and outhouses made from water tower wood.  In fact, an outhouse made from wood from the collapsed water tower is still standing.

Margaret Gagnon
Friendship Historical Society

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