“Rice Bowls and Tea Cups” curated by Thomas College’s Fall 2014 Freshmen Seminar

Connections between East Asia and Maine run deep and have existed for well over a century.  In an effort to better understand these connections a section of Thomas College’s Fall 2014 Freshmen Seminar took on as a part of their inquiry a closer look and study of the East Asian artifacts held in the Penobscot Marine Museum.

It is interesting to note the breadth of the interest Maine’s maritime ship captains and crew obviously had with East Asia.  It is seen in the finery, pottery, clothing, and games the men and women brought back to Maine.  These items would often hold places of distinct honor within the homes of their new Maine owners.

This exhibit is not meant to be an exhaustive collection of the artifacts currently at the PMM, but rather a sample of the variety of artifacts held with hopes that it will stimulate interest in this valuable collection.