In this c. 1910 photo taken from the St. Stephen shore, a steamship, possibly the Henry Eaton, is docked at the upper landing in Calais. The Calais end of the international bridge can be seen to the far right. Steamships made daily round trips from Calais to Robbinston, St. Andrews and Eastport. At times of very low tide, the steamships were forced to disembark passengers at the lower landing on Steamboat Street, and passengers relied on one of the many livery stables to provide transportation into town. Shown to the right of the steamship is a river tug, and to the left are the Murchie lumber wharves and “Upper Main Street”. The prominent building to the left facing the river is the Andrews Hotel at the corner of Whitney Street.

Caption written by Al Churchill

Catalog Number LB2007.1.114242