In 1901 Ruth Barrett Ordway converted a large farmhouse to a first class summer accommodation at the top of High Street. It was here in 1912 that the 20-year-old Edna St. Vincent Millay recited “Renascence,”a poem she had recently written, which was the beginning of a journey to the Pulitzer Prize and international acclaim.

The Whitehall Inn still exists today as does the “wishing well” seen in the foreground.  For many years the house directly across the street from Whitehall was a boarding house called the Wishing Well.  Today it is called the Wicker House.

In the upper right hand corner of this image can be seen Mt. Battie House at the summit of Mt. Battie.  It was torn down in 1920.

Elizabeth Moran
Camden Public Library

Catalog Number LB2008.14.115362