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Moss Picker

As if Ruohomaa was a staff reporter for a local paper, he thoroughly mined the neighborhoods and towns near his home […] Read More »

Chinook Dogs

With only 800 registered worldwide in 2013 , Chinooks are a rare breed of sled dog known for their intelligence and […] Read More »

School Party

At the one room school which served the kids living in Rockville, Maine, Kosti dropped in on a lively party—apparently marking […] Read More »

Station Agent

70 years ago this month, Ruohomaa drove a short distance down the coast while visiting his parents in Rockville, Maine to […] Read More »

Dr. Puharich

Around the time he renegotiated his contract with Black Star in the mid-1950s, Ruohomaa gained access to an unusual research laboratory […] Read More »

Sardine Seining

In late 1956, Kosti Ruohomaa renegotiated his contract with Black Star, giving up a weekly salary for freedom to work on […] Read More »

Dodge Mountain

In 1924, when Kosti Ruohomaa was a child, his family moved to Dodge Mountain in Rockland, Maine, where they’d purchased a […] Read More »

Sardine Fishing

Kosti Ruohomaa documented the herring fishery from every angle over a number of years including 1953, 1957, 1958, and 1960. He […] Read More »