Cape Jellison Docks

Harriet Hichborn Collection
Gift of the Stockton Springs Historical Society

The docks of Cape Jellison were one of Hichborn’s favorite subjects. Between 1905 and 1907, town developers built three large wooden piers, turning a town of small factories and sawmills into a shipping hub. The Bangor and Aroostook Railroad connected the docks with Northern Maine. A warehouse held potatoes until they could be shipped south. In this photo, the diagonal line of the pier on the left leads the viewer’s eye to a wooden sailing ship that rests side by side with the steamship Millinocket.

As Hichborn’s sister Faustina noted in her Historical Sketches of Stockton Springs, the town was “born to the great heritage of an unexcelled harbor, achieving an enviable position as a shipbuilding town in the heyday of wooden sailing crafts, now apparently has future greatness thrust upon her…” The greatness foreseen by Faustina was cut short by a fire which destroyed the wharves in 1924.