Captain Clifford’s Store

Harriet Hichborn Collection
Gift of the Stockton Springs Historical Society

Pattern and repetition are highlighted frequently in Hichborn’s work. This Valentine’s display in Captain Clifford’s store window consists of one repeating image: a woman peering out from a frame, the cover of the February 1910 edition of Woman’s Home Companion. The lead article, advertised next to the hearts at the bottom of the window, is “The Head or the Heart?” which cautions women to pay more attention to their loved ones than to their professional interests and pursuits. This perhaps speaks to Hichborn’s dilemma, as a skilled photographer who spent her life within her family home caring for an invalid sister. Also advertised on the store is Moxie, now the official soft drink of Maine. Moxie was an early example of a mass-produced soft drink with a brand name so pervasive that it became a commonly use word in its own right.