Bimbo Carter’s new boat CAROLYN is shown here on her launch day in 1972 on the East Branch of the Medomak River. Gathered are the Carter family and a group of friends; Fern Carter is on the far right next to Ernest Poland, Sr., Bimbo Carter is fourth from the right, and Burt Carter is sixth from the right.

Fern’s sons Eugene (Bimbo) and Ronald (Luke) and Burt’s son Raymond also worked in the shop. Fern was happy to have customers and other friends work on his boats as well. He negotiated prices to account for owners’ labor and donations of materials. He commented to Red Boutilier:

“Some people tell me we work too cheap and other builders say they wouldn’t want greenhorns around. But a boat is more than just a well-shaped piece of wood to us. We like to put a little friendship into it. And who can put a price on friendship?”

Catalog Number LB2005.24.10986