SS BELFAST Arrives at Her Namesake Port

Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Co.

On this day in June, 1909, the last of Eastern Steamship Company’s “Great White Flyers” arrives at the Belfast steamship wharf. Two thousand people in their best clothes form a grand welcoming party for the 320 foot… Read More 

Main Street, Searsport

PMM General Collection

The earliest known view of Searsport, Maine, depicts Main Street looking north. If you walk out the front door of Penobscot Marine Museum’s Whitcomb-Pendleton building and look to the right, you will see the same scene. Many of the… Read More 

Life’s a Beach

James Perkins Collection

Looking at this photograph of bathers on Popham Beach in 1898 makes you smile. This is summering on the coast of Maine. Popham village is at the end of the peninsula stretching down from Bath at the mouth… Read More 

A Scene on Islesboro, Ryder’s Cove

Eastern Illustrating & Publishing Company Collection

Originally called Sabbathday or Saturday Harbor, Ryder’s Cove lies on Isleboro’s Northwestern shore. “Summer Folk” from Bangor first started coming here in 1868.  Steamboats like GOLDEN ROD and ANNA BELLE made regular stops at Ryder… Read More 

39 Days Adrift

It’s evident that the men in this photograph were survivors of some terrible ordeal. Their sunken eyes and gaunt faces are without expression. At 4:30 am on November 28, 1943, a German torpedo crippled the SS ALASKIN a 5,369-ton cargo vessel. Her captain was… Read More 

Out to the Monument- On Ice, Belfast, March 1905

Charles Coombs Collection

The winter of 1905 was hard, but not as hard as the winter before. Temperatures seldom rose above 12 degrees Fahrenheit. From early February until mid March, the upper Penobscot Bay was locked in 5 inches or more… Read More 

From Weir to Can

Maine Sardine Council Collection
LB1998.12.2549.6, LB1998.12.2559.1, LB1998.12.2560.7, LB1998.12.2563.1

Images of people at work tend to be prosaic, but a glance at these photographs makes clear that this photographer knew how to use the frame with candor and artistry. In 1951, the Maine… Read More 

Great Bangor Fire of 1911

MacEwen Collection

It began on the afternoon of Sunday, April 30, 1911. From Broad Street, the fire spread by high winds to a shed on Exchange Street and then onto Center Street. It was said that the glow from the fire… Read More 

God Sees All

Eastern Illustrating Collection

Light streams through high windows, illuminating a young girl in front of a piano on a stage while a woman stands by, probably her instructor. There is no congregation, but the large lettering on the wall reminds her… Read More 

Fishing Vessel SKIPPER, January 2013

Antonia Small Collection
Gift of Antonia Small

The Lash Brothers of Friendship built SKIPPER in 1981, at the end of the wooden dragger building era. Here Gary Libby is cleaning her bottom on New Year’s Day 2013 in Port Clyde harbor. Small… Read More 

Dragger MARY ANNE in Frame, October, 1938

Elmer Montgomery Collection, Gift of Maynard Bray

Living a short walk from Snow’s Shipyard in Rockland, where his father and older brother worked, Elmer knew the critical and most visually appealing moments in large shipbuilding. He also traveled to nearby yards…. Read More 

Windjammer Schooner HERITAGE, March 31, 1983

Boutilier Collection
Courtesy of James Boutilier

Everett “Red” Boutilier recorded every stage in the construction of HERITAGE, the first schooner to be built for the passenger trade since 1962. His three hundred photographs show everything from laying down and… Read More 

ARAHO, Stern Trawler, 1979

Boutilier Collection
Courtesy of James Boutilier

Red Boutilier’s work is, in large part, a document of the modernization of commercial fishing. Modern fishing is accomplished mainly through towing large nets at slow speeds, and the propeller could be its… Read More 

Waterfront, Vinalhaven

Eastern Collection

Sail is still strong here in what is probably a pre-World War I photograph. Eleven sloop boats (Friendship sloops) and a three-masted cargo schooner are in evidence, along with one schooner yacht. Flat bottom skiffs and double-enders are inboard… Read More 

From Net to Carrier

Atlantic Fisherman Collection

Here men are pursing up the net in a Bay of Fundy herring weir, a trap set along shore to catch schooling herring. The Caterpillar Diesel Company, less interested in the herring than the fact that they were… Read More 

The Sea Captain

Joanna Colcord Collection

Capt. Lincoln A. Colcord is shown here standing at the taffrail of his ship STATE OF MAINE, while sailing off the Cape of Good Hope in 1900. The taffrail log (the ship’s speedometer) is spinning fast. Captain Colcord’s… Read More 

The Chinese Steward?

PMM General Collection

This powerful and unusual image presents questions. Included with this ambrotype was a note which read “Chinese Steward with Capt. C.F. Carver”. The plate itself was found in the attic of the Museum’s Fowler True Ross captain’s house.

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Burning The Schooner ENTERPRISE, October 1957

Carroll Thayer Berry Collection

In the depths of the 1930’s depression, Frank Swift, sailor and silversmith, had a dream. He’d buy up old working schooners, fix them up some, and provide inexpensive vacations for working people. There were plenty… Read More