Disembarking from the ROCKLAND

Harriet Hichborn Collection
Gift of the Stockton Springs Historical Society

The steamer ROCKLAND brought passengers from Boston to Kidder’s Point. Here, Hichborn has captured the flurry of arrival—those waiting and those moving forward, some with baskets, packages, and even a chicken—while the captain watches from the pilot house. Four women stand at the center of the photo, a study in contrast. The women stand still, while they are surrounded by people in motion. The two in back, bare-headed and clothed in black, are framed by the two standing forward, dressed in light-colored suits and wearing elaborate hats.

Hichborn’s father was a prominent shipbuilder, who built 42 ocean-going wooden ships and helped connect midcoast Maine with the wider world. Although Hichborn’s photos include some from Orono and Blue Hill, the record suggests that she spent almost all her life close to Stockton Springs and rarely ventured beyond. This photograph hints at the possibility of travel and the world beyond.