From Net to Carrier

Atlantic Fisherman Collection

Here men are pursing up the net in a Bay of Fundy herring weir, a trap set along shore to catch schooling herring. The Caterpillar Diesel Company, less interested in the herring than the fact that they were being loaded into the Caterpillar powered sardine carrier ALLAN MCLEAN, provided this photograph to the Atlantic Fisherman. The carrier and the weir belonged to the Connors Brothers of Black Harbor, New Brunswick, which is now [2015] the last sardine company on the Atlantic Coast. While the picture was taken in August 1949, the Atlantic Fisherman used this and other photos to illustrate an article on Maine’s herring fishery in February, 1952.  There may have been a border between Maine and New Brunwick; the herring didn’t care.

Why From Net to Carrier?
Photographs that show the abundance of yesterday’s fisheries are uncommon. Since it was hard for photographers to go to sea, images of deck scenes on dory trawling schooners, and on draggers and trawlers, are virtually nonexistent. Photographers wishing to document the herring fishery could travel on carriers, as in this case. Here the photographer was perfectly positioned to capture the frenzy of a herring haul.

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