Kidder’s Point

Harriet Hichborn Collection
Gift of the Stockton Springs Historical Society

In this photo, Hichborn skillfully uses line to create a sense of depth and motion. The parallel lines of the track and wooden boards of the wharf stretch diagonally across the foreground, converging towards the horizon. They draw our attention to a new generator, which has just begun to provide electricity to the wharves at Jellison Point and here, at Kidder’s Point. Flags hung horizontally blow in the wind, their motion contrasting with the still figures below, waiting for the first excursion steamer to arrive. Hichborn’s sister Faustina wrote in Historical Sketches of Stockton Springs, that “we look for the town’s prosperity to equal—yes—exceed—the olden days of the ship building and sea going.” Kidder’s Point and the soon-arriving excursion steamers were indications of this hope for prosperity.