“Maine Lobsterman shows New York City boys how it’s done.”

In this early 1970s photo, Burt Carter is measuring a lobster in a Carter-built boat in Bremen harbor. The minimum carapace size at the time was 3 3/16 inches. (In 2015 it is 3 ¼ inches, with a maximum length of 5 inches.) Burt’s son Paul holds up another lobster.

Above the lobster trap is the davit on which the snatch block is hung. The line connecting a trap to a buoy, known as pot warp, runs through this to the winch head (not in view–behind Burt and Paul).

To the left are the New York boys; one is holding a bait iron with redfish on it. Redfish was purchased from bait sellers and stored in wooden barrels (foreground left).

Catalog Number LB2005.24.10812