The first Carter boat shop was a low, small chicken house: a boat had to be moved outdoors before the pilothouse could be added. Their second shop, spacious and well equipped for boat building, was an old cow barn. It served perfectly until the Fern and Burt built the LISA A. in 1975 and discovered, when it was time to haul her out, that the barn door opening was too narrow. They decided that a chainsaw was the most efficacious tool for to solve the problem and notched the door until the LISA fit through.

At the time of this photo three years later, the door is widened and a tractor is sliding MINA SAM out of the barn. Sometimes the Carter’s oxen, Peter and Silver, did the job. It took about 10 people to get the boat onto the cradle and the same number to push it off at the launch.

The distance from the shop to the launch area was about a mile on a paved road and across a field. Cradles could be hard to manipulate and eventually were replaced by a trailer.

MINA SAM was built for Richard Hildings of Vinalhaven, who named the boat for his mother and father. He also renamed the Carter shop for Vinalhaven’s Gus Skoog, who had built his earlier boats.

Catalog Number LB2005.24.7326