Newport Band

Harriet Hichborn Collection
Gift of the Stockton Springs Historical Society

Penobscot Park in Searsport was developed by the Bangor and Aroostook Railroad in 1905. It offered public bathing, boating and fishing, a merry-go-round, dining, and a dance pavilion. Residents and summer visitors alike came to enjoy the bands that traveled here from across the state. Here are pleasure seekers posing with the Newport Band. Notice the similarity in dress among the crowd, a sign of the developing consumer culture. The women are dressed alike, in suits with long skirts and white shirtwaists. Most of the men wear straw boaters, a popular summer hat. We wonder what the few exceptions—fedoras, caps, and one bowler hat—suggest about these individuals. Penobscot Park failed to develop into the resort its founders had hoped for and closed in 1927.