Paul Luke’s Museum

Paul Luke stands next to a collection of ventilators and galley stoves in his “museum.” Here he displayed photos, half models, boat parts, and metalwork produced in the boatyard’s machine shop. Over time, the trend in custom boat building shifted from individual designs with custom-built interiors and fittings to more standard designs with “add ons.” Paul kept examples of his shop’s custom and production work, as well as other items from his custom boat building years.

His museum was primarily a showroom for his marine hardware and custom fittings. Paul acquired the rights to Hyde feathering propellers and began making 3-part anchors that could be disassembled, products that brought clientele to the company from around the world.

Today P. E. Luke, Inc. no longer builds boats, but Paul’s son and daughter-in-law, Frank and Nora, and his grandson Andrew continue to run a successful business. The company provides boat repair services and storage, and it still produces automatic feathering propellers, Luke storm anchors, ventilators, bow locks, and custom machine work on Linekin Bay.

Custom Machine Work

Catalog Number LB2005.24.7465