Steamer PEMAQUID at the Wharf in Sargentville, ME

Catherine Marston Wood Collection
Gift of Diana Marston Wood

The steamer PEMAQUID was a popular subject of Maine’s postcard photographers. It carried passengers from the train station in Rockland to Sargentville and coastal towns in between. Owned by the Maine Central Railroad, the Pemaquid was central to the rail-ferry transportation network that brought tourists to Maine at the turn of the century. This network built Maine’s tourist industry before the automobile became travelers’ transportation of choice. Note the horse drawn carriage moving away from the pier.

By positioning the steamer in line with the building and pier with no visual space between them, Evie Barbour’s photograph highlights the integral connection between the transportation of the sea and land. The vivid reflections suggest the purity of Maine’s clear water. Maine’s pristine natural resources remain a major tourist attraction.