April 10 - 14

April 10th

Pleasant throughout with the exception of a couple rain squalls. Cool weather with a good breeze. Coolies on deck Cleaned below. At 8 A.m. buried him. This coolie has acted rather strangly (sic) since left AngerAnjer

Correct spelling is Anjer: a town on the west coast of Java
, has been on sick list for some time – Yellow Countenance, fat cheeks, but a poor appetite – Couldn’t eat much more than Cungy – Some times he would be better and be as lively as any – but in a few days Sick again. Sick coolies, some discharged, others on list. No. 116 very sick – No. 322 appears little better, No. 482 about the same. No. 300 appears some better. 11 coolies in hospital – Some others appear to be quite sick. Gave coolies food as per memorandum. Coolies No. 6 & 16 yet confined. Conspirators yet confined – and get the same allowance. Coolies on deck cleaning themselves &. Coolies on whole behave very well, once in a while have to correct them. But not very often now.


April 11th

Pleasant throughout – Coolies on deck quiet and contented, washing and so on. Cleaned Below and sprinkled lime as usual. At 9 A.m. coolie No. 116 died of fever & from the use of opium. Buried him. At Noon saw land – St. HelenaSt. Helena

An island in the South Atlantic Ocean, discovered by the Portuguese in 1502. It was an important stopping place for ships sailing from China to North America or Europe. It was used by the British as a place of exile, most notably for Napoleon Bonaparte.
and anchored off the town at 6 P.M. Sick coolies about the same. Do not give the coolies Pork but once in 4 days as it is of a heating Nature more than fish. Give fish instead. Stopped also the bean soup. Give Coolies Tea. Gave food as per memorandum. Doctor gave a number (30) of Coolies vomitive this Morning – Sick coolies get what food they require.


April 12th

Pleasant throughout Ship at Anchor at St. Helena. Coolies quiet, Considering the excitement of being at anchor so near the land. Had a good number of coolies pumping water, &. Sick coolies about the same. None so very bad. Doctor gave vomitive to a Number (30) of coolies this morning. Doctor from Shore visited the ship and allowed persons on board. At 7 P.m. ship left St. Helena en route for Havana. Having water on board sufficient. Moderate weather, very good air below. Cleaned below as usual. Gave food as memorandum. Let No. 6 & 162 out of irons on promise of better behavior. Food cooked well. Captain Purchased a lot of fresh vegetables for the coolies at St. Helena.


April 13th

Pleasant throughout – Coolies quiet & contented, weather mild, getting little warmer below. Cleaned below &C., as usual. Number of sick coolies is getting small. 5 or 6 steady cases on list – every day. No. 300 from opium, No. 166 from opium & General debility (sic), No. 183 Yellow appearance, fat cheeks swelled out.

(Illegible) of coolies with light fever. Heard today that some opium was purchased at St. Helena by the coolies, 3 in number – 38, 190 & 192. Found it and took it from them. They must have got it from the water tank men. Gave the coolies fresh cabbage today & put rum in the water coolies drink. Sick coolies have what they require. Gave food as per memorandum. Food cooked well.


April 14th

Pleasant throughout, with the exception of a few light rain squalls. Coolies quiet and contented. Cleaned below, &. Nothing of note transpired. Coolies behave well. No.113 coolie pretty bad. Not many coolies on sick list – They have what they require Gave food as per memorandum. Food cooked well, Doctor pays very good attention to the coolies now.