April 15 - 20

April 15th

Pleasant throughout. Coolies on deck washing and cleaning themselves, quiet and contented – Cleaned below, &. At 2 ½ P.m. coolie No. 113 died. Committed his body to the deep at 4 P.m. No. 300 coolie about the same. No. 183 is pretty bad with dropsy or something similar. Sent No. 166 below, Well with the exception of Rheumatism. About 12 coolies on doctor’s book. Some others light complaints – have what they require. Gave Coolies Food as per memorandum. Food cooked well.


April 16th

Pleasant throughout – Coolies on deck quiet & contented. Washing and so on. Cleaned below & Nothing of note transpired. Sick coolies about the same. 5 sick in hospital. Some other light cases below. Gave Coolies food as Memorandum. Food cooked well. Getting pretty warm (Illegible) No. 300 about the same, No. 183 about the same, No. 157 pretty bad from the effects of opium, &.


April 17th

Pleasant throughout, Coolies on deck as usual. Cleaned below, &. At Noon Coolie No. 157 died. Committed his body to the deep at 2 P.M. Coolies quiet and contented, behave well. Prisoners yet in irons on the same allowance. The rest sick coolies about the same. Gave food as in memorandum. Food cooked well. Coolies do not consume as much rice as usual. Moderate breeze – wind aft, pretty warm at Mid day. Getting warm below. Sprinkled vinegar below today.


April 18th

Pleasant throughout – Coolies quiet and contented on deck, &. Cleaned deck below, &. This morning Coolie No. 314 was found to be missing. Could not find him. One of the head coolies No. 117 says that last night in his watch about 10 P.m. he caught him smoking – took his No(?) from him and sent him to his berth telling him that he would report him in the morning to the coolie Master for disobeying rules. That was the last that has been seen of him. Suppose that he must have jumped overboard. Couldn’t find his contract – Suppose he had it on him as it is customary for them to carry them in this (Illegible). Counted coolies-- 477 in number – Gave coolies food as per memorandum. Gave two coolies a whipping for bolting(?) opium below last night. Found some more opium on Coolie No. 400. Sick coolies stand about the same. No. 452 pretty sick, No. 300 is getting bad swelling of the belly & legs. Don’t think that he will ever recover. No. 166 improving in his stiffness of the joints. No. 183 no better, Swelling also. Doctor gave vomitive to 42 coolies this morning.


April 19th

Pleasant throughout, Coolies quiet and contented. At 4 A.m. coolie No. 452 died of bilousBilous

A group of symptoms including nausea, abdominal discomfort, headache, and constipation. In the past it was thought to be caused by excessive secretion of bile from the liver.
fever. At 8 Am Buried him. Cleaned deck below, &. Gave food as per memorandum. Sick coolies about the same. Doctor Gave vomitive to 33 coolies this morning. Nothing of note transpired, coolies behave very well. Moderate breeze, very good air below and smells clean, &.


April 20th

Pleasant throughout – Coolies quiet and on deck as usual. Cleaned below, &. On opening a bbl (barrel) of Cabbage found it unfit for use. Thought it advisable to open the rest. Did so and found it the same. Was obliged to throw it all overboard--57 bbls in all. As it was dangerous to give to the coolies to eat for fear of making them sick. Gave food as per memorandum. Food cooked well. Number of coolies sick. Some are vomitive men. They have what they require as regards food Coolies behave well. Sick coolies about the same.