April 27 - 30

April 27th

Racing Squalls throughout, light breezes, warm weather, very warm below. Coolies quiet and contented. Cleaned Below, &. Gave coolies food as per Memorandum. Sick coolies stand about the same. Took irons off of coolie No. 276, he being more quiet. Some 30 coolies sick or ailing. Give what food we have necessary for them. Coolies behave well. Rainy weather, bad for the health of the Coolies as they have to keep below from the rain. Fresh water makes considerable steam; as the coolies coming on deck to do their business get wet and on going below raise a hot vapour. But I hope we shall get out of these doldrumsDoldrums

An area of calm winds near the equator.
and into fair weather soon. Food cooked well. Gave coolies weak vinegar & water to wash mouths this morning.


April 28th

Pleasant throughout with the exception of a light rain squall. Moderate breeze first part, Latter part light breeze, pretty warm below. Cleaned below, &. Sick coolies about the same with the exception of No. 482 who died very sudden at 7 P.M. This coolie vomited blood & was bleeding at the nose some time ago and was cured. But was taken sick afterwards with fever. No. 300 no better. No. 322 no better. No. 377 appears better No. 276 appeared better. No. 84 no better, he is sick with diarrhea. A number of others--some 25--sick on doctor’s book. Gave what they required. Gave coolies food as per memorandum. Food cooked well – The Salt Fish is getting bad. Had to heave some of one box overboard – unfit for use. Coolies behave well. Very orderly now. No trouble whatever.


April 29th

Pleasant throughout with a good breeze & cool weather. Fine air below. Coolies quiet and contented. Cleaned below, &. as usual. Sick coolies are – No. 300, worse feet getting bad. 3 or 4 pretty sick with fever. Others not considered dangerous – They have what they require. Don’t think No. 300 likely to live long. No. 166 improving. Coolies on deck more or less through the day. Gave food as per Memorandum. 4 coolies belonging to No. 131 Mess was disorderly – refused to obey head coolies. Gave them punishment as required. Coolies shaving their head & otherwise cleaning them selves, on deck today. One coolie--No. 360--sick with fever, rather wild last night. Put him in irons. This morning took them off as he was very quiet. Coolies stand watch over the sick at night time for fear of any trouble amongst them. & in case of their requiring any thing


April 30

Pleasant throughout, Coolies quiet and contented on deck, &. At Midnight Coolie No. 173 died of fever. Been sick some time. At 7 A.m. No. 288 died of dropsy. This coolie has been known as No. 300 until today, when looking for his contract found out he had changed his number with a friend. He has been sick a long time – was cured once and went to eating opium again. Buried them at 8 A.m. Good breeze throughout, fine & cool below & on deck. Sick coolies stand about the same. Nos. 360, 480, 276, 322, 394, 200 all inmates of the hospital and are pretty sick. Some others are sick – slightly ill – Gave them what they required. Gave food as per memorandum. Food cooked well. I think now that as we are getting into cool & dry weather the number of sick coolies will greatly diminish. Gave the coolies the last of the St. Helena vegetables today. Have a lot of Anger Yams in reserve.