April 3 - 5

April 3rd

Pleasant throughout – Coolies on deck & quiet & contented, behave very well on the whole. Cool weather, cool & clean below. Cleaned below as usual. At 10(?) A.M. Coolie No. 451 jumped overboard and was drowned. An effort was made to save him. But he would not save himself. A rope was thrown on top of him, but he would not take hold of it. He was an inmate of the hospital and was out of his right mind as he told the interpreter that he died last night. He was a stout strong coolie. Found his contract below. Light breeze throughout. At 5 P. M. information reached us that No. 6 was going to jump overboard. He came on deck all dressed in his clothes. Had an investigation of the affair, found that it was for loss of money that he was to do the deed. It appears that he bought an opium pipe of No. 141 for two dollars, but did not pay him. He lost an opium pipe belonging to another coolie and bought this to repay him. No. 162 claims the pipe and says he would not part with it for $20. No. 6 having no money to pay for the pipe says that is another reason for his going to drown himself – That is the story he tells. Gave him a good licking and shackled him to a ring bolt. No. 2 is a friend to the prisoners & is always in trouble. He is only a boy but he is a devil. Gave coolies food as per memorandum. Prisoners get their two pots Rice & 1 Pot vegetables as usual. Food cooked well.


April 4th

Pleasant throughout. Coolies on deck and quiet. Cool weather, good air below, Clean & Cool. Gave No. 6 & 162 3 dozen this morning—No. 6 for attempting to drown himself and 162 for being the occasion of his attempting the deed. No. 162 said that if he (No. 6) did not give him $20. for that pipe he would kill him on getting ashore. No. 6 afraid of him, thought he might die as well now.


Put (?) them forward to handcuff them together – Sick coolies, some improving, others are about the same. Some are discharged from the sick list – others are coming on every day. Have about 10 coolies that are what you might call real sick, the others complain of Belly ache, head ache, Reumatism, (sic) rheumatismRheumatism

A non-specific term for medical problems affecting the joints and connective tissue. This term is not typically used today.
. They are having what food they require. Doctor’s Book can tell as to the medicine – Gave coolies food as per memorandum Coolies eat all of the 700 lbs. Rice that is cooked for them every day. Cooks cook it well. Particular attention is paid to the cooking and the cleanliness of the food. As also is the Berth deck and sprinkling it with lime or vinegar every day. Latter part good breeze.


April 5th

Pleasant, Moderate breeze, Cool weather. Coolies on deck as usual, good air below. Sprinkled vinegar instead of Lime below, cleaned deck. Coolies quiet and contented. Ship’s Cook struck one of the coolies—No. 94—two or three times for hardly any reason whatever, making a gash under his eye. He was referred to the mate for a reprimand. Took 5 Bbls (barrels) Eggs, 71 jar(?) Turnips from the hold and threw them overboard, as they were rotten and unfit for use. Eggs smelled badly. No. 6 & 162 yet in irons. Counted Coolies today--486 in number. Sick Coolies seem to stand about the same. No. 101 & 300 are very sick – 4 or 5 others are pretty bad. Several others slight Complaints. Gave food as per memorandum. Food Cooked well. Gave Bean Soup & Tea today -