April 6 - 9

April 6th

Pleasant throughout – Cool weather, wind aft, ship rolling bad, Fresh breeze. Coolies quiet and contented. Cleaned below &. At Noon Coolie No. 101 died – from the use of opium & fever. This coolie was the one who informed of the plot laid to take the ship in China Sea. A Good coolie and was very sorry to lose him. At 4 P.M. coolie No. 123 died from Yellow jaundice attended also with fever. Been sick some time. No. 300 is pretty bad. Two or three more are also very sick, one from vomiting blood & bleeding at the nose.

Buried both of the coolies today – Some coolies are getting better. Think that change of climate has some effect on them. They not being used to climate changes – Gave sick coolies what they require. Gave coolies below food as per memorandum. Whitewashed the berths that the coolies died in. And in fact everything is done to make the coolies as comfortable as possible as regards food, cleanliness of Berth, deck. Sprinkling lime below daily & Hospital, &.


April 7th

Pleasant throughout. Nothing of note transpired. Coolies quiet as usual. Cool weather, very good air below & clean. Gave coolies food as per memorandum. Coolies No. 6 & 162 yet in irons. Sick coolies about the same, two or three pretty sick. I think that the doctor might administer a little more to the comfort of the sick than he does. Captain visited the sick twice today – and administered medicine to the Coolie No. 82 who was vomiting blood & he is a little better. Wind aft with a moderate breeze. Food cooked well. Made No. 117 a head coolie in place of No. 101 who died yesterday. Sick coolies have what food they require. Giving the Coolies Bean Soup once a day & Tea once a day. Coolies prefer the bean soup to tea.


April 8th

Pleasant throughout, Coolies on deck and all right. Weather growing warmer every day. Very cool & comfortable below. Clean &. Nothing of note transpired. 11 sick coolies in hospital, 4 or 5 pretty bad. No. 300 seems to be improving slowly. No. 482 about the same. No. 322 is pretty sick. No. 201 has been indisposed for a long time and is now pretty sick. Doctor gave 15 coolies vomitive this morning. Captain visited sick two or three times today – Food cooked well. And the Coolies consume about all of 700 lbs. Rice that is cooked for them. Gave food as per memorandum.


April 9th

Pleasant throughout with a Moderate breeze, Pleasant weather. Coolies bathing and cleaning themselves. Most all coolies on decks. Cleaned below &. At 8 A.m. coolie No. 104 died – At 10 A.m. doctor pronounced him dead(?) Committed his body to the deep. At 12 P.M. Coolie No. 165 died from the use of opium &. Buried him at three P.M. Cannot understand what is the matter with the Coolies that they die so. Food is cooked well, good ventilation, &. Berth deck is very clean & chloride of lime is put below every day fore & aft – No. 300 is improving slowly. No. 201 very sick– 482 about the same. No. 322 mending slowly. Doctor Gave vomit(sic) to 18 coolies – Doctor more among the sick today than usual, hope he will continue to pay more attention to his business And not try to be professional gentleman on board of a coolie ship.