Feb 15 - 18

Feb 15

Rainy throughout – Light drizzling. Put Nos. 74, 126, 335, 151 in irons, They also being connected with those who were put in irons yesterday – at two P.M. after having asked them to tell where they put the poison and to confess the plot, which they refused to do, gave them 3 dozen lashes on the back and kept them confined. Keeping them on rice and water – They still refusing to tell any thing concerning the affair – at 6 P.M. one of the coolies informed against No. 67 as being also concerned – brought him on deck and put him also in irons – Gave the Coolies food as per memorandum. On opening the baskets of pumpkins find them decaying fast – find it advisable to use them as soon as possible - a few of them still sea sick. Gave them Cungy and other light food. Men in the Hospital about the same. Cleaned the between deck thoroughly today – a good proportion of the coolies on deck. All of these coolies that are in irons were chosen in Macao for Head & cooks.


Feb 16 th

Pleasant weather, throughout. Large number of Coolies on deck during the day – Put No. 81 Coolie in irons, he also belonging to the same lot that was confined yesterday. No signs of repentance on the part of the prisoners – Gave No. 403 3 dozen for threatening to kill one of the coolies when he got clear of irons – Supposed by his threats that he suspected him of informing of them – keeping the prisoners on Rice & water. Cleaned deck thoroughly today – And had a number of the coolies bathing on deck – Gave the food as per memorandum. Coolies in general very quiet. Weather very hot. Sea sick Coolies recovering. Searched the boxes today for Poison & knifes (sic) found one knife. 4 coolies—Nos. 403, 439, 473, 125-- are informed of as having also a plot to heave Gunpowder abaft the Barricade and thus take the ship. These four are also connected with the poison plot. And are very suspicious looking characters.


Feb 17 th

Very pleasant throughout – Coolies quiet and about ½ on deck during the day – Two Coolies of the Prisoners owned up to the gunpowder plot—Nos. 335, 126. One Coolie—No. 403 (who seems to be the head) was very much agitated and was almost frantic with rage on hearing the confession – Cleaned between decks and had a number of the Coolies bathing in Salt-water on deck. Gave them food as per memorandum, and according to the scale. One Coolie pretty sick in the hospital Gave No ___ Coolie a punishment for gambling for dollars & fighting. The 2 Baskets onions sent on board in Macao are found to perishing fast.


Feb 18 th

Very pleasant throughout with the exception of a rain squall at noon. Land in sight through the day-- Anamba Is, Anamba Islands

A small archipelago in the South China Sea. Part of Indonesia.
Aired the coolies, about 75 on deck at one hour spell – then sent below and others on deck. Gave two coolies a punishment for fighting--Nos. 18, 376. Put 376 in irons for fighting the same man again on going below after his punishment – Pumpkins very rotten, about three baskets of good out of five sent on board in Macao. 2 baskets onions totally lost, good for nothing--have hove overboard. Gave them a variety of food today. Coolies very quiet – Allow the two Coolies who confessed the plot – full allowance of food – but – keep them still confined. –Very warm today – there being light breeze in the afternoon. Cleaned decks. Coolies bathing on deck &. Sick--some are recovering fast – others are about the same –