Feb 19-25

Feb 19th

Pleasant with the exception of a few rain squalls. Coolies quiet – let No. 376 coolie out of irons – Two or three coolies very sick – Gave them light food, &. Coolies below had provisions as per Memorandum. Deck cleaned thoroughly – Coolies confined still obstinate as regards confessing the plot. Land in sight – Camels Hump [?] and other islands – About 75 Coolies on deck at one time.


Feb 20th

Rainy first part of the day latter part pleasant – coolies very quiet – Cleaned deck and sprinkled chloride of lime below. Gave them plenty of food as per Memorandum. Rice cooked very well – Got on deck all the sweet Potatoes as it was rather hot for them below. Sick Coolies about the same. Coolies yet in confinement, those that was put in irons for raising conspiracy. One sail in sight. Ends with a light breeze from Westward. One of the barrels of vinegar sent in board in Macao was found today to have about 3 or 4 gallons in it.


Feb 21

Rainy first part, latter part pleasant. Coolies quiet and comfortable as can be expected this hot weather. Land in sight all day – cleaned the deck. Gave the coolies bread today instead of vegetables. Rice &., as per memorandum. Very warm below. Coolies about 40 or 50 on deck at one time.


Feb 22.

Pleasant throughout – Coolies quiet and contented – very warm. About 20 coolies on the sick list. None very dangerous. Gave them food as per memorandum. Sick coolies had what food they required (light food). Cleaned deck and sprinkled chloride of lime below. A number of the coolies washing themselves in tubs on deck. Rice and other food cooked very well.


Feb 23

Pleasant throughout, fresh breeze. Kate Hooper passed us bound from Macao to Havana – Coolies quiet and contented – Prisoners yet confined. One man very sick. Rest of sick coolies not dangerous. Some coolies seasick. Sick coolies getting their proper food – Coolies food as per memorandum


Feb 24th

Pleasant throughout, Moderate breeze. Land in sight. Coolies more or less on deck throughout the day –Quiet and contented. Sick coolies recovering fast with the exception of No. 8 who is very sick, not expected to live. Between deck cleaned and chloride of Lime sprinkled in between decks. A coolie--No.2--offered $.10 as a bribe to liberate one of the instigators of the plot--No.125--and permit him to go below. Says that there was 5 gasgues [?] full of powder brought aboard in the food at Macao for the purpose of blowing up the ship and also some poison – which was all hove overboard three days after leaving Macao. Put him in irons with the rest. The leader of the conspiration [conspiracy] was very agitated when he confessed it. Ends with fine weather. Gave 4 coolies a light punishment for gambling & fighting for Dollars. Gave the Coolies food as per memorandum.


Feb 25th

Pleasant throughout, light breezes & calm. Anchored at 11 A.m. Coolie No. 8 died today of yellow jaundiceJaundice

Yellow discoloration of the skin, whites of the eyes, and mucous membranes, due to an increase of bile pigments in the blood. It is often a symptom of certain diseases, such as hepatitis, obstruction of the bile duct, or cancer of the liver.
& general derangement of the system produced by the use of opiumOpium

The dried latex from the seed pod of the opium poppy. A narcotic, addictive substance.
. Buried him. Coolies more or less on deck today, pretty warm below there being no wind at midday. Cleaned deck and sprinkled chloride of lime below and in hospital – only 4 coolies that are very sick, rest being sores and sore throats. Gave them food as per Memorandum.