Feb 9 - 14

Log Book of Ship Forest Eagle of incidents appertaining to the Emigrants from MacaoMacao

A region of China, formerly a Portuguese territory, on the west side of the Pearl River Delta, across from Hong Kong. In the days of the China Trade, Macao was strategically located to control access to Canton, an important (and for a long time the only) city in China that was open to western trade.
to HavanaHavana

The capital city of Cuba
, 500 in Number. Rept. by John O. Shaw, Coolie Master.


Feb. 9 th (1861)

Ship left today. Mr. Boye was on board and paid the head coolies, barbers & cooks their money – The cooks some of them not qualified changed them for others – one coolie No. 67 wanted to go on shore after ship left – but – he had not the money and all sampansSampan

A small, flat-bottomed boat found in the Orient that is narrow at the bow and stern but broad in the center.
had left the ship – some little disturbance about the rice not being cooked properly, it being the first trial. The coolies were reconciled by being told that it would be better in future –


Feb 10 th .

Strong breeze – rough sea on. Coolies most all more or less sea sick. Made Rice CungyCungy

A thin porridge made from rice
, gave them Salt fish and pickled Lemons & but would not eat Rice & vegetables. The Coolie No. 67 is contented today and is about the liveliest of the lot – Gave them victualsVictuals

A slang word for food.
as usual – Doctor visited the coolies a number of times today. Three men in the hospital – one slight fever, occasionally constipation of long standing & gorged liver, one liver complaint – one bad sore on the leg.


Feb. 11 th

Pleasant weather. Coolies most all recovered or are recovering from sea sickness – Gave them food as per memorandum [Note: “memorandum” probably refers to the agreement between the captain and the shipper about the expected treatment of the coolies]. 150 to 200 coolies on deck most all day – Cooks improving. Rice cooked very well today – Cleaned deck and sprinkled chloride [of] limeChloride of lime

A substance made from lime treated with chlorine, used as a disinfectant.
between decks. Distributed dominoes, cards, instruments &. [Note: the “&” symbol appears to mean “etc.” in some contexts in the log, and to mean “and” in other contexts.]


Feb 12 th

Pleasant weather. Coolies very well and contented. Put Nos. 289, 304, 139 in irons for fighting last night – till breakfast time this morning – Gave Nos. 72, 197, 126 a slight punishment for gambling for dollars and quarrelling. Gave the food as per Memorandum. 8 coolies in hospital. None dangerously sick-


Feb 13 th

Pleasant weather. Coolies very well and contented – Coolies in Hospital about the same. Cleaned deck and aired the coolies well – Gave them food as per memorandum. Coolies not beginning their full allowance of rice. Gave them 650 lbs. Rice today – No trouble at all yet with them.


Feb 14 th .

Pleasant weather with a heavy sea on. Coolies about ½ on deck about all day. Gave No. 405 one dozen on the hand for whipping a small boy for no provocation. Put No. 403 in irons at noon, having heard something suspicious about him. At night learned that there was a scheme among some of the coolies to poison the Europeans aboard and then take the ship when she makes the land- Put Nos. 125, 439, 413 also in irons. They being pointed out as the ringleaders. Some more are supposed to be implicated in the plot – but – have not found them yet. Searched for the Poison and found two small bottles of White Powder. Do not know what it was – Some of the Coolies Sea sick again today – Gave them food as per memorandum – No. 413 is implicated in the same plot as the others – Coolies that are sea sick are getting Cungy and other light food.