June 12 - 20

June 12st.

Pleasant. Coolies on deck as usual. No. 15 died at 2 A.m. At 8.30 A.m. No. 85 died. Both buried by 10 A.m. At 2 P.m. No. 320 died. Cleaned below, &. Not so warm today. Gave food as memorandum. Coolies anxious for the shore. Sick Coolies about the Same. Nothing new transpired.-


June 13th

Pleasant throughout. Coolies on deck as usual Cleaned below, &. Gave food as per memorandum. Sick coolies about the same. No. 335 are the worst or appears to be the worst. – At 9.30 P.M. No 401 died. No. 464 very bad. Nothing new transpired. Weather very warm. Coolie No. 71 fell overboard off the forecastle, boat manned and picked him up.


June 14th

Pleasant throughout. Coolies on deck as usual. No. 464 died at 12 A.m. At 9.30 A.m. No. 212 died. Had a Rain squall at Noon – hot weather. Gave food as memorandum. Nothing new transpired – lot of Plantains(sic) came on board for Coolies. Sick Coolies remain about the same.


June 15th

Pleasant throughout – warm weather. Coolies about as usual. A lot of Fresh Beef came off for the coolies. 35 lbs – Gave it to the sick & made Cungy for the others. Gave food as memorandum. Sick coolies about the same. At 5 P.m. died coolie No. 222 No. 97 very bad.


June 16th

Pleasant with moderate weather Coolies on deck as usual shaving, &. Sick coolies stand about the same. At 1.15 P.m. No. 97 died. Gave food as per memorandum. Cleaned below, &. Nothing new transpired – Consignee along side today Says Coolies can have what they want.


June 17th

Pleasant. Coolies about as usual. Sick coolies about the same. 100 lbs. Beef and a few Plantains came on board. At 5 P.M. No. 392 died. Nothing new transpired – Coolies wishing for the shore – rainy in the afternoon, cleaned below, &. Number of sick coolies continue about the same number. Warm weather. Doctors examined the food for the coolies today.


June 18th

Pleasant. Coolies about as usual. 10lbs (100lbs?) Beef for Coolies came off from shore. Sick coolies about the same. Rainy in the afternoon. Let Six of the Coolies (Prisoners) out of irons and sent them below on promise of better behavior—Nos. 439, 67, 125, 81, 74, 151. Nos. 403 & 413 remain in Irons. Coolies still anxious for the Shore. Nothing new transpired. –


June 19th

Pleasant. Coolies about as usual. Washing themselves, &. 100 lbs Beef came off from Shore. Also six strings onions & 50 branches Plantains. No deaths today. Sick coolies seem a little better on the average. Coolies let out of irons behave very well. Gave the sick beef broth & beef today. Spanish doctors say they only want a lot of fresh & good food to bring most of them to their former self – some 6 or 7 coolies got dysenteryDysentery

A term given to a number of disorders marked by inflammation of the intestines (especially of the colon) and also by pain in the abdomen, problems defecating, and frequent stools containing blood and mucus. May be caused by chemical irritants, bacteria, protozoa, or parasitic worms. Dysentery was one of the most severe problems of armies in the nineteenth century. Also called: flux, bloody flux, contagious pyrexia (fever), frequent griping stools.
pretty bad. Nothing transpired more than the usual routine.


June 20th

Pleasant. Coolies about as usual. A lot of Plantains, 5 lbs. Pepper, 5 lbs. Mustard, 11 bottles Chloride Sod., 1 demijohnDemijohn

A large glass container for substances which could not be transported or preserved in wood. Demijohns were the storage vessel of choice for the wine and spirit merchants.
vinegar, 50 lbs. Sugar, 100 lemons came on board for the coolies. Sick coolies are improving with the exception of Nos. 211, 136, 84, 215, 71, 322, 381, 3, 143, which are the worst cases – Report today that the ship would be sent back to Havana and the coolies sent on shore at the expiration of 40 days quarintine(sic). 30 bdls [bundles] plantains come on board this evening. No. 151 seems also to be among the worst cases. Quite a number improving from the effect of mustard plasters & pepper given them to eat some time ago. I have got a peckPeck

A unit of dry volume equivalent to 2 gallons, 8 dry quarts or 16 dry pints. Four pecks make a bushel.
supply today, shall use it to some extent as the coolies say they are better for it.