June 21 - 27

June 21st

Pleasant throughout. At Midnight No. 3 died – had been sick some time. Coolies about as usual. Sick Coolies with the exception of those died are about the Same. At 12 m [midnight] No. 251 died – At 2 P.m. No. 119 died – 100 lbs Beef came on board for the coolies. Gave food as memorandum Put chloride of lime below 3 different times today – Nothing new transpired, weather warm. Let No. 413 out of irons, he being unwell & put him in the hospital.


June 22nd

Pleasant. Coolies about as usual, sick coolies about the same. Some little better. At 12 M [midnight] Coolie No. 393(?) died – 100 lbs. Beef, Some yams & 4 cabbages came on board for the coolies. Gave food as Memorandum. Made a broth for the coolies out of Beef & Cabbages, yams, bread, &. 5 or 6 coolies very bad-- Nos. 4, 353, 136, 312, 413, 211, 49. No. 146 in putting on between deck hatches fell below and bruised himself some but not dangerously. Warm weather. Report is that we shall be out of quarintine in 3 or 4 days. – No. 211 diarrhea very bad. Makes the Hospital Smell. Have to fumigate with Chloride Lime several times during the day, put chloride lime below several times today –


June 23.

Pleasant with the exception of a rain Squall. Coolies about the same. Gave food as Memorandum. Cleaned below, &. - Nothing new transpired. Nos. 199, 353, 136, 312, 211 are the worst cases. No. 71 had sores on his leg – At 11 P.m. No. 49 died. Has been sick a long time and almost helpless. Very warm at night there being a calm. Coolies washing themselves, &.


June 24

Pleasant and hot. Coolies about as usual. Cleaned below, & 100 lbs Fresh beef came on board for the use of coolies – at 5:30 P.m. No. 211 died – has been sick a long time. At 8 P.M. No. 87 died..Nothing new transpired – Report is to be made tomorrow morning of the condition of the coolies. To be examined in the morning by the doctors. Put Lime below, & - No. 4, 312, 267, & 136 are pretty bad--they have been sick a long time & are now worse. Gave coolies a Soup made of beef, Bread, Rice, onions, yams, &.


June 25.

Pleasant & hot weather. At 10 A.m. No 312 died, at 10.30 A.m. No. 136 died, at 4 P.m. No. 95 died. 5 bags Yams, 15 bdls Plantains, six strings onions, 100 Lemons came on board for the use of coolies. Coolies washing themselves today. Report came that the shore board of Health was to examine the state of the coolies this afternoon – but have not seen them yet. Doctors examined sick coolies this morning do not know what report they have made. Nos. 263, 267, 4, are pretty bad. Sick coolies much the same. Gave food as Memorandum. –


June 26.

Pleasant. At 1 ½ Am. No. 267 & at 2 A.m., No. 263 died. – 100 lbs Beef came off for Coolies – Cleaned below, &. No. 199 died 3.30 P.M. Good breeze throughout. Coolies anxious for the shore. Sick coolies much the same. Made Soup for Coolies – Gave food as memorandum. Nothing new transpired.


June 27th

Pleasant. Coolies about as usual Sick coolies about the same. Nos. 4, 71, 84, 381, are the worst. Cleaned below, &. Good breeze throughout. Nothing new transpired. – 18 bdls Plantains came on board for the use of the coolies. No coolies died today –