June 28 - July 4

June 28th

Pleasant throughout – Coolies on deck except at Mid day as usual. Cleaned below, &. Sick coolies much the same. 100 lbs. Beef came on board for the coolies & 50 lbs Sugar. Nos. 4, 71, 84, 381, 143, 240 are the worst cases. Nothing new transpired. No coolies died today – Gave food as memorandum. Food Cooked well. Pleasant breeze.


June 29.

Pleasant throughout Coolies about as usual. At 4 A.m. No. 381 died. A lot of yams came on board for the coolies. Sick Coolies about the same. Gave food as per memorandum. Coolie Nos. 4, 143, 84, 240, 71, 215, 280 are the worst cases. Rainy this afternoon. Had to send sick below. Rather warm & close. Nothing new transpired. Put Chloride of Sodium below 3 times today, sprinkled about the deck.


June 30th

Pleasant. At 6.30 A.m. No. 215 died. 100 lbs Beef, 6 strings onions, 1 demijohn vinegar came on board for the coolies. At 9.30 A.m. No. 280 died. Sick coolies about the same. Nos. 4, 143, 84, 71, 496, 166 are the worst cases. Cleaned below, & Coolies about as usual. A lot of coolies weak in the knees. Cannot walk. Nothing unusual transpired –


July 1st

Pleasant – Coolies about as usual. Sick coolies about the same. At 9 A.m. two doctors came on board and examined the Coolies between decks & and pronounced no contagion on board, examined crew also. And then left. Report from Doctor on board is that we shall probably be out of quarantine (sic) today or tomorrow. Coolies are washing them selves & shaving, &. Gave food as memorandum. At 6.30 P.m. no. 166 died – This coolie has been sick since ship left Macao. And has been helpless this last three months. – No other news about being discharged from quarintine(sic) – nothing came on board for the coolies today.


July 2nd

Pleasant. Coolies about as usual washing & shaving themselves. 100 lbs. beef, 35 bdls. Plantains, 100 lemons came on board for the coolies. Sick coolies much the same Nos. 4, 84, 143, 71, 496, 461, 395 are the worst cases. No more news yet of being out of quarantine. Six bottles Chloride of Sodium came on board. Light breeze and warm weather. Gave food as memorandum. Coolies anxious to get on shore.


July 3rd

Pleasant throughout. Coolies about as usual. At 9.30 A.m. No. 461 died – Counted coolies 387 in number – one missing, found it to be No. 39. Supposed to have jumped overboard. – he has been unwell, refused to eat Rice or any thing else. Nothing came on board for the coolies. No. 39 was on deck at ten P.m. yesterday but was sent below by the watchman. Report tonight that a steamer would be sent by the consignee tomorrow for the coolies and take them to Havana. Agent came on board. 12 bdls Plantains came on board for the use of the coolies.


July 4th

Pleasant – No. 395 died this morning at 4 a.m. Report came on board that the coolie who was missing was ashore. Sent a boat for him & brought him on board – He says he did not want to go with the coolies to Havana for he could not work hard. And he wanted to run away. At 10 A.M. Steamer came and at 1 P.M. put 387 coolies on board and sent them to Havana. Coolies lively and glad to go. Interpreter and Doctor went with them and so ends all transactions, deaths & troubles with the coolies which we embarked at Macao on board Am [American] Ship Forest-Eagle –

John O. Shaw, Coolie Master