June 4 - 11

June 4th

Pleasant throughout – Coolies quiet on deck, &. Last night Nos. 408 & 227 died. No. 227 at 10 P.m & No 408 at 2 A M. At 9 P.M. No. 345 died. Cleaned below, &. Coolies washing, &. Sick coolies much the same. A number improving – Gave food as memorandum. Let No. 284 go this morning, He promising nothing more of the kind. I had an altercation with one of the men. Geo. Mahler by name, for striking 2 coolies—No. 419 & 391. – Who disputed my right of preventing him from striking them. He was reffered (sic) to the Mate who gave him proper punishment – Number of PlaintainsPlantain

Correct spelling is plantain. A member of the banana family. Plantains are starchy, low in sugar, and must be cooked before serving, usually fried or baked. Used in many savory dishes somewhat like a potato would be used. Plantains are very popular in Western Africa and the Caribbean countries.
for the coolies came on board today. No more potatoes are allowed. Or beef – Finished the potatoes today. – Moderate breeze & moderatly(sic) warm.


June 5th

Pleasant throughout. Coolies on deck, &. At 7 A.m. No 105 died. Gave coolies food as memorandum. Coolies washing, &. on deck. Nothing of note transpired. Report today that the Captain General has given permission to build a barracoon for the Coolies on shore & that the consigneeConsignee

The person to whom a shipment is to be delivered, whether by land, sea or air.
will build it as soon as possible. Sick coolies about the same. No. 15 bad – the sore is same on his leg –


June 6th

Pleasant throughout – Coolies on deck as usual & Sick coolies about the same. Some better – small quantity of Plaintains came on board for Coolies – Gave food as memorandum, cleaned below, &. Two coolies (Prisoners) have got diarrhea pretty bad – Nothing of note transpired – No coolies died today-


June 7th

Pleasant throughout, Coolies on deck & as usual. Gave food as memorandum. No Coolies died today. Sick coolies seem to be improving. Nothing of note transpired. Good breeze Throughout. Coolies behave very well. Cleaned below, &.


June 8th-

Pleasant with the exception of a rain squall in the afternoon. Coolies on deck as usual. – Lot of Plaintains & Beef, onions & vinegar came on board for coolies. No deaths today. Counted & examined Coolies. 488 in number, quite a large number with dropsy – more or less. Gave food as memorandum. Report today that they have made a start towards building a barracoon. – Some of sick coolies seem to be getting better. Number of coolies weak knees cannot walk. Well coolies nothing else the matter. Nothing of note transpired, weather pretty warm.


June 9th

Pleasant till noon, rest past rainy. Coolies on deck in good weather. No deaths today up to 8 P.m. Gave food as Memorandum. Cleaned below, &. Shore doctors examined coolies today. Counted 418 – Nothing of note transpired Gave some onions & vinegar to the stout dropsy coolies. – Some coolies seem to be improving. No. 15 very bad. No. 340 also bad.


June 10

Pleasant weather, warm. At 8.30 A.m. Coolie No. 340 died. Coolies on deck, &. Cleaned below, &. No. 15, 249, 320 are very bad. No. 15 & 230 are rotten, smell very bad. Gave food as memorandum. At Noon commence raining, sent Coolies below. No wind, rather warm below. Sick coolies about the same with the exception of those above named.


June 11th

Pleasant at 2 A.m. No. 221 died. At 7 A.m. No. 249 died of diarrhea. No wind, warm weather. Cleaned below, &. Gave food as memorandum. Commenced raining at Noon, sent Coolies below. No. 15 & 320 very bad. Both mortifying. Smell awful. – Rest of sick coolies about the same. – heard a noise below last night at 2 a.m., went below & found the occasion of the disturbance was a coolie frightened on seeing his friend dying, called his name several times, the rest of the coolies asleep hearing the cries which somewhat sounded like fire. Made a rush but on going below every thing was quiet. Coolies sent to their berths.