March 14 - 20

March 14th

Rainy first Part, Pleasant latter part. ½ coolies on deck during the day. Cleaned BerthBerth

A shelf-like sleeping space, as on a ship, airplane, or railroad car. It can also refer to the space allotted to a vessel at anchor or at a wharf, or to a job or position.
deck &. Coolies quiet & contented. Number of coolies on sick list decreasing. No. 156 died tonight at 7 ½ P.M. After dead worms came from his nose – Other opium Coolies very bad – some coolies recovering, others stand about the same. Overhauled water casks below today and found that some were leaking badly – Got orders from Captain to give the cooks not more than 300 gallons water per diemPer Diem

Latin for per day, or a day.
& not more than 700 lbs. Rice and 200 lbs. vegetables per day – Gave them food as per memorandum. Cool weather wind aft – Not so comfortable below to day as yesterday – Coolies behave very well. Doctor improving fast.


March 15th

Pleasant throughout – Good number of Coolies on deck through the day. Coolies quiet and Contented. Number of Coolies on sick list diminishing. Cleaned below &. Weather cool and comfortable aft, not very cool below. Coolies washing and cleaning themselves on deck – Gave them food as per Memorandum – at 7 ½ P.M. heard a splash in the water and on looking over the side saw a coolie overboard. Couldn’t save him. Proved to one of the sick opium coolies—No. 155. Supposed that he was crazy – Coolies behave very well.


March 16th

Pleasant throughout. ½ coolies or more on deck through the day, washing & cleaning themselves – Coolies quiet & contented. Coolies on sick list – in general improving, 3 or 4 pretty sick. Had an examination of all Coolies, made them unstrip & examined their persons. Found them on the whole very clean and not many cases of the itch among them – Counted them--495 in all. Cleaned Berth deck &. Very clean below & comfortable. Cool weather, moderate breeze throughout – Gave them food as per memorandum. Food cooked well. Find that the 300 galls(gallons) water answered very well for all purposes.


March 17th

Pleasant throughout – Most all coolies on deck today. Coolies washing &. Cleaned berth deck. 9 coolies in hospital sick, some others slightly ill – Cool weather, comfortable below. Find the yams below rotting fast. Gave coolies food as per memorandum. Food cooked well. Gave sick coolies Sago Sweet Potatoes, Mango(?) &.


March 18th

Pleasant throughout, most all coolies on deck through the day – Coolies bathing &. Cleaned berth deck. Let Coolies No. 126 & 335 out of irons, they having promised better behavior – Sent below among the rest. Sick coolies about the same – one very bad with some kind of dropsyDropsy

Dropsy is a contraction for hydropsy. Refers to edema, or swelling, caused by the presence of abnormally large amounts of fluid in intercellular tissue spaces or body cavities such as the abdomen, brain, chest, or cardiac cavity. Also can refer to general fluid accumulation throughout the body.
– 2 or 3 pretty bad with fever & want of opium. Find some of the fish below getting bad. Gave food as per Memorandum – Coolies quiet & behave well. Cool weather and a moderate breeze throughout – very clean and comfortable below.


March 19th

Pleasant throughout – Most all coolies on deck through the day. Cleaned deck below & Coolies quiet and contented. Number of sick coolies in hospital, 10 others ailing with different complaints – Gave food as per memorandum. Food cooked well. Cool weather. Very cool below and clean. Coolies behave well – Gave Rum in the tea today. Some coolies complaining of Belly Aches.


March 20

Rainy & clear at intervals throughout – Coolies on deck during the pleasant weather – Coolies quiet and contented – sick coolies about the same. Gave Coolie No. 77 a whipping for stealing money from Coolie No. 75--$.30. Put him in irons, he refusing to tell where the money was. Coolie No. 71 saw him steal it. This coolie was among the number that was plotting the taking of the ship – Cleaned deck below &. Weather cool and cool below deck. Gave them food as per memorandum. Food cooked well – Searched below for the money but could not find it – Coolies on the whole behave well & keep themselves clean.