March 21 - 26

March 21st

Rainy first Part – Latter part Pleasant. Coolies quiet & contented. Rearranged coolies in berths below & marked berths – Coolie No. 20 died today at 8 A.M.-- been sick for some time. Buried him. No. 77 in irons, he still refusing to tell where the money is – cleaned below &. Sick coolies about the same – some improving – Weather very cool, below very cool – and smells very clean & sweet. Food cooked well – Gave food as per memorandum.


March 22

Pleasant with an overcast sky. Cool weather, very cool below. Coolies quiet and contented. Cleaned deck below. Sick coolies about the same. 4 pretty sick, others improving. Coolies on deck through the day. No.77 yet in irons – Gave food as per memorandum. Find the eggs in the barrel opened today in a bad state – broken & rotten – Sick coolies had what they required - &. Opium coolies took vomitive today –


March 23rd

Pleasant throughout, Cool weather, fine & cool below. Cleaned deck below &. Coolies quiet & contented. Sick coolies, some very bad others improving. Gave them food as required. Coolie No. 114 died today of fever at one P.M. Buried him. Coolies on deck through the day – Gave food as per memorandum. Some Coolies are getting the mumps. Food cooked well. Yams are rotting about the same. Some of the Fresh Pork is getting rancid - & some of the fish is decaying – I am using it to the best advantage – Coolies Behave very well –


March 24th

Pleasant throughout – Cool weather, fine and cool below. Cleaned Below &. Coolies quiet and contented. 2 coolies--No. 1 & 207--commited nuisance below, punished them for it. Head Coolie No. 286 was broke (?) today and punished for letting a boy steal opium and then reserve it for himself – made him pay for the opium stole and took another Coolie in his place. At 7 P.M. coolie No. 64 died of slow fever & for want of opium. This man was a mere skeleton & has been sick a long time. Food cooked well. Gave sick coolies a variety of food as required. Gave Coolies China cigars today, a bundle to a man. Coolies on the whole behave well.


March 25th

Pleasant throughout. Cool weather & fine cool below. Cleaned below. Coolies quiet and contented. Coolie No. 164 died this morning of diarrhea. Buried him. Gave 10 coolies vomitive this morning – Sick coolies, most improving, some stand about the same. Gave them food as required. Took all the yams from the hold and picked them over, found them to be rotting fast. Kept them on deck – Coolies cleaning themselves & shaving – Food cooked well. Coolies behave very well. Doctor visited the patients very well today – Gave Coolies Bean soup instead of Tea.


March 26

Pleasant throughout – Cool weather, strong breeze. Fine & cool below. Most Coolies on deck through the day. Cleaned below &. Very clean below. Sick coolies getting better. No. 300 very sick from the use of opium, all his opium gone. None of the rest seem to be very dangerous. Gave the sick what food they required – Gave coolies food as per memorandum. Coolies quiet & contented.