March 27 - 30

March 27

Pleasant – with light breeze throughout – Cool & comfortable weather. Coolies on deck throughout the day. Coolies No. 332 died at 2 A.m. & No. 379 at 4 A.m. The former of dropsy the latter from the effects of opium – Opium all gone. These Coolies was(sic) buried at Sunrise – The sick Chinamen seem to take sick and die right off – as No. 379 was only complaining but two or three days as being very unwell. Cleaned Below as usual – very clean Below. Sick coolies had what they required – Food cooked well. Number of coolies slightly indisposed. Find that a little work does not hurt some of the indisposed coolies. Cannot say as there is any more than No. 300 who is very sick as their appearance is so deceiving – No. 77 yet in irons, refuses to tell where the money is.


March 28

Rainy & Pleasant at intervals. Coolies on deck during the pleasant weather. Comfortable weather with light breeze & Calm(?) Cleaned below &. Whitewashed below in several places – Below very clean & smells sweet. Overhauled the Coolies Boxes for opium & opium pipes & lamps. Took all away from them and destroyed them. Found on overhauling a box of fish some of it not fit for use. Had to heave it overboard – Gave the coolies food as per memorandum. Sick coolies had what they required. At 3 P.M.Coolie No. 29 died from the use of opium. This man took vomitive this morning and a few hours after eat (sic) a little food – Did not appear to be so bad in the Morning. He died very easy. Coolie No. 300 about the same. 5 or 6 Coolies sick with China fever.China Fever
typhus fever, ship fever, jail fever, hospital fever, putrid fever, brain fever, bilious fever, spotted fever, petechial fever, camp fever

Probably referring to ship fever, or typhus. Typhus is an acute, infectious disease caused by one of several micro-organisms transmitted by lice and fleas. It is characterized by acute prostration, high fever, depression, delirium, headache, and an eruption of reddish spots on the body.
No. 77 yet in irons. Today he lays the blame on No. 286. Had an investigation of the affair and found it to be false. Keeping him in irons. Food cooked well.


March 29th

Pleasant throughout, Cool weather, Strong breeze. Some Coolies on deck through the day. Cleaned Below & sprinkled vinegar below instead of Lime today – very clean & sweet – Below. Gave the coolies eggs today, find them to be very bad, had to heave about ½ overboard, rotten. Gave coolies Beans & broth instead of tea as it is supposed to be of less heating nature than tea – Sick Coolies stand about the same. Some improving, others stand as yesterday. Sick are having what food they require as Sago, Sweet Potatoes, S________(?) Food cooked well. Do not have any trouble as to the cooking of the food. Find the barrels of Sugar about ½ full. Coolies on an average consume about 675 to 700 lbs. Rice daily. Keep Coolies exercising as to work about the deck as much as possible –


March 30th

Pleasant throughout, Cool weather, fine & cool below. Coolies on deck & below as usual. Cleaned below, &. Gave food as per Memorandum. Food cooked well. Coolies quiet & contented & on the whole behave very well. Sick coolies about the same. Gave vomitive to 9 coolies today – No. 77 yet in irons. Moderate breeze throughout –