March 31 - April 2


March 31st

Pleasant throughout,Cool weather. Coolies quiet and contented & behave well. Cool below and clean. Counted Coolies today, found that there was (sic) 487 coolies on board being one short of the compliment. Found the number of the Missing coolie proved to be No. 326. Inquired of his mess about him – they say they have not seen him for 3 or 4 days. Must have fallen or jumped overboard as he was a stout healthy coolie. Can not say why he done so (if he committed suicide) Cannot find his contract. This coolie makes 13 gone. 11 died & 2 overboard. Sick coolies, some improving, others about the same, 3 or 4 pretty sick but I don’t think dangerous. They have what proper food they wish and require. This hospital is cleaned every day and chloride of lime sprinkled as also is the Between decks. I think that some of these sick coolies get sick by eating too much. They are getting as much exercise as possible as pulling _____(?) Cleaning decks &. Gave them cigars today – I am giving them fresh vegetables once a day and Salt once a day as the yams have been picked over and will not decay so fast.

Good breeze throughout. Let Coolie No. 77 out of irons. He does not confess where the money is or whether he stole it. Has had a sufficient punishment for it. Shall watch him in hopes to recover the money by & by.


April 1st

Pleasant throughout. Coolies quiet & contented. Cleaned below and sprinkled Chloride lime. Very clean below. Cool weather, fine & cool. Good number of coolies on deck. Food cooked well. Had to punish two coolies today for misbehavior. Sick coolies about the same. Giving the Coolies salt and fresh vegetables every day- passed the Cape of Good HopeCape of Good Hope

The southern tip of Africa. European discovery was by the Portuguese Bartolomeu Dias in 1488. The Dutch East India Company established a base there in 1652 which became a Dutch Colony.
today. Good breeze. Sick coolies have what different food they require. Washed Coolies mouths with vinegar water today.


April 2nd

Pleasant throughout – Good breeze & cool weather. Fine & cool below. Cleaned Below &. Coolies quiet and contented, behave well. Sick Coolies about the same, 5 or 6 very sick. Not very dangerous. They have what they need of food of different kinds such as Sago, Beans, Sugar, Sweet Potatoes, __________(?) A number with poor appetites, giving them as much as excess as needful. Find Some of the ___ Salted Turnips decaying. Doctor is among the coolies rather more now than formerly. Find several cases of venereal among the coolies. 11 coolies in hospital.