May 10 - 13

May 10th

Pleasant throughout – Coolies quiet and contented on deck as usual. Had a large number of coolies at work below, cleaning Between decks, &. Same Coolies on same allowance as before with exercise. One Coolie—No. 429--died at 8 A.m. A big stout fat coolie [who] has been sick only two or three days. Have got Coolies No. 341, 297, 364, 320, 32, 367, 315, 91, 26, 300, 239, 365, 380, 205, 487, 210, on deit (sic) – and exercise. Big stout fat coolies, Lazy devils, Who complain of different pains, &. All have good tongues, Clear eyes, &. Look a deal more like some N. Y. Alderman than coolies. Sick Coolies in hospital – are Nos. 177, 366, 276, 175, 178, 252, 84, 147, 49. Give Sick what they require. Gave Coolies food as per memorandum. Buried Coolie 429 at 9:30 A.m. – Sick coolies about the same. Coolies washing & cleaning, shaving on deck.


May 11th

Pleasant throughout, light breeze. A number of Coolies on deck at work & below as formerly. Cleaned below, &. Gave coolies vinegar & water to wash mouths. Gave some sick coolies bean soup. They wishing for it and said it would do them good. Sick Coolies about the same. No. 224 bad with dropsy of the bag – Gave No. 169 a punishment and shackled to a ring bolt below for bad behavior & not minding head coolie No. 117. Coolies washing, shaving, &. on deck. Moderate cool weather. Still keep a restriction on the food for the fat stout coolies.


May 12th

Pleasant throughout. At 3 A.m. coolie No. 224 died. Buried him at day light – Put vinegar below. Today at 3 P.M. Coolie No. 276 died – he has been sick a long time Several coolies, Big stout fat fellow, are complaining. Coolies on deck and at work below as usual. Buried coolie No. 276 at 5 P.M. Gave food as per memorandum Food cooked well. No. 365 has got short breath and breathes hard. Cool weather but warm below on account of there being but little wind. Several coolies sick in hospital.


May 13th

Pleasant throughout. Coolies on deck as usual, &. Number of Coolies at work below, Cleaning deck, &. Took down the lower tier of berths today to clean the deck, &. At 3 A.m. coolie No. 365 died, buried him at daylight. He was a big stout coolie. He had short breath, panting, yesterday. Gave coolies food as per memorandum. Sick coolies in hospital are Nos. 366, 178, 177, 49, 84, 446, 252, 377. Several of them are old cases and are about the same. Good breeze throughout, cool weather. Put chloride of Lime below, &. Number of others coolies slightly ill who come on deck to eat Sago, Cungy, &. Do not allow three(?) stout devils to eat too much, & no Pork or Fish. Plenty of exercise for them below. Gave Bean Soup instead of Tea for the coolies – Mr. Souza recommends it as good for them.