May 14 - 18

May 14th

Pleasant with the exception of a couple of rain squalls. Coolies on deck as usual. Made Hole in the wall at 8 o’clock Coolies at work whitewashing between decks & Cleaning below. Gave coolies a fresh Pig for dinner today & food as per memorandum. At 5,30 P.M. coolie No. 32 died of dropsy. He was a big fat coolie, was also complaining of swelled penis & Bag. Buried him at 7 P.m. Land in sight. Coolies quite enlivened on seeing land. Let coolie 169 out of irons, He promising to behave himself. Let all coolies eat below today on account of a rain squall at dinner time. Good breeze & cool weather.


May 15th

Rainy, Squally weather first part, Latter part pleasant. Coolies on deck as usual. Finished whitewashing below. Cleaned deck, &. Gave food as memorandum Coolies behave well – anchored off of great IsaacsIsaac Island
Great Isaac Island

A small island in the Bahamas, on which there is a lighthouse known as Great Isaac light, built in 1859.
at 8 A.m. Coolies enlivened on seeing the land. Sick coolies in Hospital Nos. 178, 49, 84, 446, 252, 377, 147, 82, 26, 207, 61. No 61, 82, are about the worst. No. 207 is also sick. A number of others are complaining of pains & aches, &. Good breeze first part, Latter part – light breeze. Pretty warm below at night time.


May 16th

Rainy & Pleasant – at intervals first part, latter part – more pleasant. Coolies on deck as usual washing & cleaning themselves. Cleaned below, &. Ship at anchor off the Isaacs waiting for a fair wind. Sick coolies in hospital are No. 268, 147, 61, 377, 178, 446, 313, 349, 84, 207, 49. No. 61 pretty sick. Number of others below slightly ill. Gave food as memorandum. Took 4 boxes fish from hold today and picked out the good fish & threw the rest overboard – at 3 P.M. coolie No. 82 died, buried him at 4 ½ P.M. Gave No. 14 a licking for wanting(?) to lick head coolie No. 400. Number of coolies with swelled legs, stiff joints. Give them rum & oil to rub them. Opened a box of clothes today and found them in good order. Light breeze throughout, pretty warm at Mid noon.


May 17

Pleasant throughout with a calm till 2 P.m. light breeze. Got undweigh(sic) for Havana. Coolies on deck quiet but enlivened at being so near port. Gave coolies food as memorandum. Cleaned below as usual Coolies sent below out of sun at Midday. Coolies in Hospital Nos. 61, 377, 178, 268, 207, 84, 49, 313, 349, 446. No 61, 349 very bad. Number of others complaining. Several coolies with swelled penis, &. Latter part good breeze with rain.


May 18th

Pleasant throughout. Coolies on deck cleaning & shaving, &. Cleaned below, &. Number of vessels in sight Coolies enlivened on being so near Havana. Today finished the last of the fresh vegetables. Cleaned below, &. At 2 A.m. No. 349 died, buried him at day light. At 8 A.m. No. 61 died, buried him at 10 A.m. Put vinegar below today, white washed hospital Sick coolies in hospital Nos. 377, 178, 268, 207, 84, 49, 313, 446, 143, 26, 393, 451. No. 430, 207, 258, pretty bad. Number of others stiff joints, &. Ends with good breeze, Cool weather.