May 19 - 23

May 19th

Pleasant throughout. Land in sight, Coast of Cuba. Coolies on deck enlivened & excited on seeing their place of destination. Coolies washing & cleaning themselves, &. on deck. Cleaned prisoners and put them back again in irons. Cleaned below, &. as usual Gave food as memorandum. Took all salt Fish out of the hold--7 boxes--& hove it overboard, Not fit for use. 8 bbls Preserves rotten, hove overboard. At 4 P.M. saw Moro light-house. Opened Side ports this morning. Got clothes up all ready for distribution. Sick coolies about the same. At 11 P.m. Coolie No. 431 died – buried. Nine Sick coolies. In hospital are Nos. 367, 393, 143, 377, 178, 356, 26, 84, 207, 49, 313. No. 367 pretty sick – hove up a very large worm today. No. 207 also sick, almost skin & bones. Some kind of consumption. Good breeze and cool weather. At 7 P.M. off More – hove aback, wait for daylight.


May 20th

Pleasant throughout, coolies on deck excited on seeing land. At 7 A.m. took a steamboat towed into Havana, at 8 Passed Moro. Coolies all got clean clothes. Hats, &. on. Anchored in quarintine (sic) [quarantineQuarantine

The correct spelling is quarantine. It refers to the practice of required isolation to prevent the spread of something considered dangerous, usually disease. In the 18th and 19th centuries, international conferences set quarantine regulations for shipping.
]. Coolie No. 250 died at 2 P. M. Captain of the Post alongside. Three doctors on board counted coolies, examined sick. Warm weather. Ship in quarintine(sic). No. 367 very bad. Same coolies in hospital as yesterday. Gave food as memorandum.


May 21

Pleasant throughout, Coolies on deck, &. Cleaned below, &. At 12 N. No. 367 died, at 6 ½ A.m. 435 died, at 8 Am No. 24 died, at 12 Noon 178 & No. 297 died. At 4 P.m. No. 26 died. Those died before three P.M. were taken outside the Moro(sic) & buried. Seems to all die of the same complaint. No. 353, 487, 210, 148, 207, 166, 446, 336, 300, 143, 216, 175, 84, 186, 211, 208, 239, 377, 322, 313, 366, 1, 91, 228, 217, 49, 268, 341, 458, 168, 136, 449 sick more or less. Awnings spread fore & aft. Hot weather. Gave food as memorandum. Gave coolies cungy for dinner, Instead of usual food.


May 22nd

Pleasant throughout. Coolies on deck as usual. Allowed to sleep under the awnings last night. At 8 P.m. died coolie No. 148, at 2 A.m. died coolie No. 487, at 7 A.M. died coolie No. 313. At 8 A.m. no. 336 died. At Noon 364 died, at 4:30 No. 217 died. Several others sick. Cleaned below & put lime below, &. Coolies allowed to sleep under awnings. Coolies died was put into the boat astern as soon as possible. Doctors don’t understand the nature of the disease coolies die of. Gave Cungy for breakfast & Rice, &. for dinner.


May 23rd

Pleasant throughout. Coolies on deck as usual. No coolies died from 4 ½ P.M. yesterday till 8 A.M. this morning, When No. 366 died at 10 A.M., died No. 210. Coolies have food as memorandum. Sick coolies don’t on the whole appear so bad as yesterday. On deck as usual, don’t see any new cases of the disease that the coolies die off. These two that died today have been on sick list for some time. Ship yet in quarentine(sic). They are afraid of us as so many coolies have died since our arrival -. No. 300 & 91 are the worst, No. 207 is sick of consumption. Coolies consume but little food. –