May 28 - June 3

May 28th

Pleasant throughout, coolies on deck, &. as usual. Cleaned below, &. Had a number of coolies at work below in the hold today, cleaning it, taking the dirt on shore. Found 5 baskets Salt Cabbage unfit for use, sent that with the dirt. Cleaned below as usual & put Chloride of Lime below. Between decks very clean and sweet. Gave coolies food as memorandum. Bean Soup instead of Tea once a day, vinegar all gone. No coolies died up to 8 P.m. Sick ones about the same. No. 218 seems to be the worst. Weather Moderate.


May 29th

Pleasant throughout. Coolies on deck, &. At 11 P.m. last night Coolie No. 218 died – at 9.30 A.m. died Coolie No. 9, at 12. M [midnight] No. 239 died. – Gave food as Memorandum. The rest of sick coolies about the same. Moderate breeze. Cleaned below, &. Coolies quiet but not contented. Punished two coolies for committing nuisance below. The doctor neglecting to dress coolies’ Sores. Mr. Souza the interpreter is doing it himself. In fact the doctor is very lazy & dilatory. No. 15 has a bad sore on his leg which has been getting worse for want of proper treatment from the doctor.


May 30.

Pleasant. Coolies on deck as usual. Three bags potatoes, 1 jar vinegar, few onions & small quantity of beef came aboard this morning. Gave the coolies potatoes, onions, vinegar in small quantity to eat raw, also for dinner a Soup of Rice, Meat, Potatoes and onions. At noon No. 107 died. Cleaned below, &. Sick coolies about the same. – Coolies behave well.


May 31st

Pleasant throughout coolies quiet & contented. At 5.30 A.m. No. 240 died, at 7 A.m died coolie No. 228. At 8 A.m. died coolie No. 378 – Gave coolies Potatoes, onions, vinegar to eat in small quantity -raw. Gave food as Memorandum. Cleaned below, &. Sick coolies about the same. – about the same for sick, in fact coolies are down hearted and nothing but a change would revive them.


June 1st

Pleasant throughout, coolies on deck, &. as usual. At 10 P.m. Last night No. 278 died. A lot of potatoes, onions, & a small quantity fresh meat came off from shore – cleaned below, &. Coolies quiet and contented as can be expected. Coolies washing, &. on deck. Sick coolies much the same. Some improving – two or three very bad. I think that giving the raw potatoes & onions with vinegar is doing them some good. As they have been giving daily since we have recd(received) any on board.


June 2nd

Pleasant throughout, coolies on deck as usual. Nothing of note transpired. Sick coolies about the same. Nos. 318, 243, 227 are the worst cases. No. 15 is bad with a sore leg. Same orders or rather routine of work every day. At 6 P.M. No. 243 died. This coolie has been sick a long time. Has gone now 42 hours without a death. Moderate breeze, not very hot Gave coolies tobacco.


June 3rd

Pleasant throughout. Coolies on deck, &. as usual. Sick coolies about the same. No. 408 very sick. Also 227. No. 408 tried to hang himself twice – the second time No. 284 made a rope fast for him for which he got a licking & shackled to a ring bolt below. Coolies washing themselves on deck. Cleaned below, &. Gave food as memorandum.