May 6 - 9

May 6th

Pleasant weather with a light breeze. Warm at Mid day, let coolies go below out of the sun – had some 35 coolies that are rather too fleshy at work below cleaning for three hours – Coolies quiet and contented. Gave food as per memorandum Coolies washing, &. on deck. Sick coolies in hospital—Nos. 276, 268, 175, 178, 349, 49, 147, 84. No. 147 hove up 18 worms, some very large ones. Nos. 276 & 49 very sick. 131 sent below, better. Nos. 320, 178, 224 swelled testicles & dropsy of the bag – No. 254 complains of Belly ache, has complained of it for some time. Do not allow the coolies--40 of them--to eat below but have them to eat on deck, and do not allow them to eat to excess. As I think must be the reason that several big stout coolies have got sick by overloading their stomachs. These coolies are the ones who are to have plenty of exercise every day.


May 7th

Pleasant throughout, Moderate breeze. Coolies quiet & contented. Had those coolies spoke of yesterday at work today. At 11 ½ A. M. Coolie No. 120 died. Buried him. He died very sudden. Sick coolies in hospital are 276, 268, 175, 178, 349, 49, 147, 84, 177, 300, 287. No 147, 49, 276, are the worst. No. 175 hove up a large worm today. Give sick coolies what they require. Gave coolies food as per memorandum. Gave coolies vinegar & water to wash mouths today. Coolies Behave very well. They do not consume as much rice as formerly -. Coolies allowed to go below out of the heat of the sun at noon.


May 8th

Pleasant throughout – Moderate breeze. Coolies quiet and contented. Sick coolies about the same. Examined Coolies today and found 8 with swelled testicles & dropsy of the bag. Nos. 340, 320, 336, 32, 135, 391, 178, 224. 43 coolies at work below this morning and on the same restrictions as for the last two days. Gave coolies food as per memorandum. Let No. 394 go as he is well and no danger of his jumping overboard – yet he is watched. Some Coolies in hospital appear to get a little better. No. 147, 276, 309 are the worst. No. 147 has his lips swelled today – Coolies on deck as usual.


May 9th

Pleasant throughout. Moderate breeze. Coolies quiet as usual. Cleaned below, &. Coolie No. 309 died last night at 10 P.M. Buried him at day light. – Sick coolies in hospital about the same. Gave 129, 294, 357 a punishment for stealing, Nos. 83, 84 for fighting. Same coolies at work below today as yesterday with a number of others on deck also at work. – Quite a large number of coolies sick with different complaints.